The Flower Journal

From earliest times, flowers have held a special place in people’s lives as observed in art, jewelry,stories and paintings.The symbolic use of flowers is mentioned in Egyptian inscriptions,Chinese writings,and in Greek and Roman mythology.

BLUEBELLS are closely linked to the fairy realm.With all the associations with fairies and witches, it was considered unlucky to walk among Bluebells at witching hours such as twilight, when the flowers would be full spells.IF YOU LOVE BLUEBELLS, you are someone who fascinates others, even though do not try to be noticed.You appear ethereal and a little mysterious, but you are well grounded and practical.Once you make up your mind about someone, you rarely change your opinion, which makes you both a constant friendship and an implacable enemy.

CARNATIONS are one of the world’s oldest cultivated flowers, and were first discovered in the Far East.Different message can be conveyed depending on the color of carnation you choose.IF YOU LOVE CARNATIONS, you have a deep sense of history and traditions, and a strong practical streak.You tend to have close bonds with a select number of friends rather than spreading your company too thinly.Others appreciate your loyalty, resilience, and loving nature.

In England, CHRYSANTHEMUMS used to be known as corn marigolds.However, once their importation from the Far East began the sixteenth century, their name gradually changed to that of the Oriental variety, chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemums were considered sacred by the nobility in old China and commoners were not allowed to grow them.IF YOU LOVE CHRYSANTHEMUMS, you have strong opinions enlivened by a sunny temperament. You never let the knocks of life get you down for long and your philosophy is always that the glass is half full rather than half empty.

CLOVER is a Mediterranean plant.In Ireland, clover is often called shamrock, a name dating back to the ancient Druids who called the plant seanrog, which became shamrock, then shamrock.They considered the three leaves to be symbolic of the eternals – earth, sea, and sky.Im medieval times, its three leaves became the symbol of the Holy Trinity. Even more auspicious than the three-leafed clover is its rarer four-leafed cousin. The four leaflets signifying faith, hope, love, and luck. According to folklore the four-leafed clover was used as a charm against the devil, witches, snakes, and other dangerous creatures.IF YOU LOVE CLOVER, you are someone with a strong sense of the spiritual aspect of nature.You value the past and tradition, and you are drawn to others who are true to themselves just as you are true to yourself.You have a joyous side to your nature and an ability to be completely in the present moment.

The name DAISY comes from “day’s eye,” because the flowers open during the day and close at night.Thought to be more than 4,000 years old, the daisy can be seen as a motif on ancient Egyptian ceramics, and when the Minoan Palace on the Greek island of Crete was excavated, archaeologists found beautiful hairpins finish with gold daisies.IF YOU LOVE DAISIES, you have a youthful spirit that will last through your life.Your sunny disposition and sweet nature win you many friends, but you are only truly happy when you are in love.

It is named after IRIS, the Greek goddess of the rainbow, who traveled along the arc of the rainbow to pass messages between the mortal and immortal realms.The fleur de lys shape of the iris has always been associated with majestic power. The iris is also said to be the origin of the scepter, its three petals signifying faith, wisdom, and valor, or, alternatively, perfection, light, and life.IF YOU LOVE IRISES, it is because beauty, grace, and elegance are important to you. As a perfectionist, you believe that if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well. You aspire to achieve great things in your life and to do so with diligence, intelligence, and graciousness.

In Europe, the FORGET-ME-NOT was considered a wild, rather than a garden plant up until the latter half of the nineteenth century.The botanical name, Myosotis, comes from the Greek for “mouse ear,” a reference to the shape of the plant’s leaves.IF YOU LOVE FORGET-ME-NOTS, you are a true romantic.As a child you probably loved all the stories of beautiful princesses or damsels in distress being rescued by handsome prince or knights in shining armor.

LAVENDER’S botanical name, Lavandula, may derive from the Latin lavare, meaning “to wash.”The Romans were responsible for spreading the use of lavender throughout Europe, taking it wherever they went for use in their bathing rituals.IF YOU LOVE LAVENDER, you are a warm-hearted and nurturing person who loves to look after others and probably animals and plants, too.

LILAC is an old French word derived from the Persian word nilak, meaning “indigo,” which in turn comes from nila, a Sanskrit word meaning “light blue.”IF YOU LOVE LILAC, you have a cheerful and hopeful personality.Even when times are difficult, you believe in a better, sunnier future.This natural optimism creates such a positive energy around you that your hopes and dreams have a habit of coming true.

Blooming in mid May, LILY OF THE VALLEY is also known as the May Lily.It is considered the fifth item ( after something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue) that a bride should carry for good luck.IF YOU LOVE LILY OF THE VALLEY, you are probably known for your sweet-natured disposition.You like to make everyone happy and, even though you never put yourself in the spotlight, there is something special about you that other people can’t help but notice.

A type of violet, the PANSY was a vital ingredient in Celtic love potions.The heart-shaped petals were believed to have magical properties – even the power to heal a broken heart.IF PANSIES ARE YOUR FAVORITE FLOWERS, like them, you have great charm.Although you enjoy being noticed, you are never loud or obvious.Your gentle, loving nature attracts many admires of the opposite sex, but you are also in demand as a kind and loyal friend.

Once loved by the royal families of China, PEONIES were used to make floral display for the imperial palace. They were known as “the flowers of riches and honor.”IF YOU LOVE PEONIES, you have high ideals and strongly held values.You are courageous enough to maintain your opinion even when it makes you stand out from the crowd.

The red ROSE is the ultimate flower symbol of love and the traditional romantic Valentine’s Day gift. For the Victorians, the number of red roses in a bouquet conveyed a particular meaning, and red roses might be combined with roses in other colors to offer further meanings. The Romans saw the rose as a symbolic store of secrets.IF YOU LOVE ROSES, you are kind of person who brings out the romantic side of your partner.Even thought you are a popular person with a busy life and lots of a social engagements, you need to be alone to recharge energies.

As an emblem of early spring, SNOWDROPS have a natural association with hopefulness.Snowdrops come originally from Switzerland, Austria, and other parts of Europe.IF YOU LOVE SNOWDROPS, you are a generous-spirited person who likes to bring hope and gladness to everyone around you.Despite your quiet demeanor, you have great courage and you are often the first to try something new.

TULIPS came originally from Persia and Turkey where, a thousand years ago, they grew wild.Famously, tulips became a national obsession in the Netherland, in the seventeenth century, in the phenomenon dubbed “tulip mania.”By 1634 tulip mania really had the population in its grasp, as tulips became the centre of speculation, greed, obsession and, ultimately, calamity; At one point a single bulb could cost as much as a cow, a parcel of land, or even an entire house.At this time tulip prices initially soared and tulips were a symbol of wealth and status, since only the rich could afford them.IF YOU LOVE RED TULIPS, you are someone who lives to the full, almost as if each day could be your last. IF YOU LOVE WHITE, PINK, OR LILAC TULIPS, you have a more serene disposition and enjoy having harmony and balance in your life. IF YOU LOVE YELLOW TULIPS, you have a natural radiance and joie de vivre that lights up any room you walk into.IF YOU LOVE PURPLE TULIPS, this reveals you as someone who enjoys being a little different and your natural elegance, perhaps even grandeur, ensures that you stand out from crowd.